Discover your identity, mental health, and ideal body. 

About Me

I'm Dave... 

Some fast facts about me, then a bit of my story:

-I’m a father of four boys 

-I was married to my wife for almost 10 years, and we’re still best friends.
-I love exercise
-I love conversation
-I am obsessed with Schitts Creek, The Office, and Ozark.
-I’m a real estate agent in West Michigan… click here to learn more about my work.
-I don’t recognize the person I was this time last year...

…After nearly 20 years of inner-struggle, I finally embraced my sexuality and came out as a gay man at 32 years old. I’m on a powerful journey of self-discovery that continues today… I’ve made new (amazing) friends in the LGBT community, lost 40lbs of excess weight, dug deep into a consistent fitness routine, and my diet is now clean and simple. I feel renewed, hopeful, my body is thanking me, and I’m confident amazing days and seasons of life are still ahead.

I’m doing the work to learn, grow, and navigate life as a  gay man and father, and want to share my journey with you. This is just the beginning! I have so much to learn, styles to develop, and rhythms to establish… so join me as I help you, in turn, be inspired, motivated, and on-track to discover YOUR best self.

If its time for you to make a change, let’s do it together. ❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

My Weekly Workout: 

Here's a snapshot of the exact plan I'm following for myself, 6 days per week, in the gym: 

Monday - Legs 

Barbell Back Squat - (3x8)

Dumbbell Deadlift - (3x10)

Kettlebell Box Step-Ups (3x12 each leg)

Smith Machine Squats (3x8)

Seated Calf Raise (3x15)

Finisher: Machine Leg Extensions/Curls (3x8)


Tuesday - Chest w. Lat Emphasis

Bench Press - (3x8)

Decline Bench Press - (3x8)

Dumbbell Incline Press - (3x8)

Lat Pulldowns/Pullups - (3x8)

Finisher: Seated Cable Rows - (3x8)


Wednesday - Shoulders & Core 

Straight Leg Raises (4x12, 5-count on the way down)

Cable Crunches (4x12)

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3x8)

Bent over dumbbell flys (3x10)

Finisher: Standing Vertical Shoulder Extension (3x8, each side)


Thursday - Arms & Back, Deadlifts

Seated Cable Bicep Curls (3x8 each hand)

Standing barbell curls (3x8, heavy)

Standing Tricep Push (3x8, heavy)

Single arm overhead tricep push (3x8)

Barbell heavy Deadlifts (4x10)

Dumbbell curls (2x12, each hand)

Finisher: Seated Tricep Dips (3x12, using body weight)


Friday - Legs Touch-Up 

Barbell Back Squat - (3x8)

Dumbbell Deadlift - (3x10)

Kettlebell Box Step-Ups (3x12 each leg)


Saturday - Core and Chest Touch-Up

Bench Press (3x10, lighter weight)

Standing Cable Chest Flys (3x8)

Straight Leg Raises (3x12)

Cable Crunches (3x12)

Starfish Crunches (3x25)

Box Pushups (3x25)

Dumbbell Side Bend (3x10, each side)